Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The most talked-about sports franchises

Forbes magazine annually runs a story about the most valuable sports franchises, taking into account revenue, operating income and stadium deals. The report doesn't measure profitability--simply the value of each professional sports team.

Does that value ranking translate into interest, as measured by the discussions going on among consumers about these franchises? Not necessarily.

The Keller Fay Group recently conducted a study which tracked the most talked about franchises. And, not surprisingly, the majority of those franchises resided in the National Football League.

Here's the list (with their Forbes value ranking in parentheses):

1. New York Jets (6)
2. Dallas Cowboys (1)
3. Indianapolis Colts (16)
4. Chicago Bears (10)
5. Los Angeles Lakers (38)
6. New England Patriots (4)
7. Green Bay Packers (18)
8. Minnesota Vikings (34)
9. Pittsburgh Steelers (17)
10. New Orleans Saints (23)
11. Philadelphia Eagles (8)
12. Baltimore Ravens (12)
13. New York Yankees (2)
14. Cleveland Cavaliers (n/a)
15. San Diego Chargers (25)
16. Boston Celtics (n/a)
17. Boston Red Sox (29)
18. New York Giants (5)
19. Arizona Cardinals (24)
20. Seattle Seahawks (21)

Why are the Jets in the number one spot? Well, they are located in the biggest market in the U.S., they have a loyal fan base, they were the subject of the HBO series Hard Knocks, and they have players on their team who are deemed "talk worthy." So, while the Jets don't have the top spot for value, their combination of being the most talked-about team coupled with their top ten value ranking translates into a very valuable sports brand.

In Keller Fay's top 20, there are 15 NFL teams, proving once again the power and consumer appeal of professional football, which will be on full display this Super Bowl lSunday.

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