Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wiggins, Selden, Andrew Baggett and other sporting odds 'n' ends

Hype:  I don't know that I've ever anticipated an exhibition game more than tonight's Kansas vs Pittsburg State match-up.  Yes, Pitt State is a NCAA Division II institution that is one of KU's regular exhibition foes.  And, yes, these games are typically blow-outs or feature lackluster play--or both.  But, this year--this year is different.

The hype machine that is Andrew Wiggins and his Fab Five freshman cronies has been on overdrive.  Tonight--finally--we get to see, at least partially, what the hype is all about.

Reality:  Personally, I'm actually more excited to see Wayne Selden of Kansas in action tonight.  Selden is Wiggins' fellow McDonald's All-American recruit, and several members of the media have gushed about Selden's skill and practice work ethic.

Sickening:  The morons and cowards who have bashed Missouri's Andrew Baggett via social media should be ashamed.  In case you missed it, Baggett is MU's kicker who missed a field goal attempt in the third overtime, thus securing South Carolina's come-from-behind victory.  The world of social media lit up with several tweeting sickening rants aimed at Baggett.

Reality-check:  Look, I think Baylor is really, really good and that this Bear team finally has a defense that can stop someone.  The offense is, well, the most potent this side of Eugene, Oregon.  Let's then look at who these Bears have beaten, shall we?  Kansas?  Check.  Louisiana-Monroe?  Check.  West Virginia?  Check.  Wofford?  Check.  The harsh reality for Baylor is that, after this bye week, they now face Oklahoma and Texas Tech at home followed by Oklahoma State on the road.  Baylor then finishes with unranked TCU in Ft. Worth and Texas at home, marking the last game at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco.  It's hard to see Baylor going through those five games without a couple of losses.

Hype:  How do you set a decibel record in an very open stadium in the last few minutes of a game after many in the crowd are comatose from hours of tailgating and pre-game fun?  Just askin'...