Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things that make you go "hmm..."

We're sorry, fans of Section 10, for the recent hiatus. Sometimes work just gets in the way, huh?

Here are some "things that make you go 'hmm...?'"

- Why is it when a quarterback spikes the ball after the snap from center, to stop the clock, it's not called intentional grounding? He's between the tackles and he's not throwing to anyone. And, if it's not intentional grounding then it has to be a fumble, right? Let's place that one in the "stupid rules" category of sports, along with the NBA rule of calling timeout, late in a game, and getting the ball automatically at halfcourt.

- Iowa's record in its last 26 football games, where the margin was four points or fewer, is now 9-17 after yesterday's upset of Michigan. But really, with that record you're paying Kirk Ferentz how much money!?

- The much-discussed Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian marriage lasted 72 days. That makes it the shortest, high profile nuptials involving an athlete. The former "record" was held by the Dennis Rodman-Carmen Electra marriage, which stretched out for five months.

- Air Force and Boise State are rumored to have been offered spots in the Big East's football league. Does it strike you as odd that any school located in Colorado Springs or Boise would be involved in a conference with "east" in its name?

- Likewise, Missouri will soon officially head to the SEC and be placed in the Eastern Division of that league. Makes perfect sense geographically, right?

- Finally, Kansas' season-long mantra for football has been the "believe." The problem is, Kansas fans, and perhaps players and staff, aren't sure what they're supposed to believe given the Jayhawks' 2-7 record and 0-6 mark in conference play.

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