Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week One: Winners and losers

Week one of college football 2013 style is almost in the books so let's go ahead and review the opening weekend winners and losers.

Winner:  College Football.  The final year of the BCS generated tons of media coverage last week and a scintillating opening marquee match-up in Clemson-Georgia.  It is, indeed, "the best regular season in sports."

Loser:  Kansas State.  I'm not sure what's worse--losing to an FCS team or doing it on the day when a statue of Bill Snyder was unveiled.  While North Dakota State has proven that it's worthy of respect, given its record against BCS foes, few saw this upset coming.

Winner:  Clemson.  The Tigers emerged as a legitimate top five team after scoring one for the ACC over the SEC.

Loser:  Johnny Manzeil.  The guy is pure electricity when the ball is in his hand; when it's not...not so much.

Winner:  Bobby Petrino.  Let's give a nod to Petrino for his return to college coaching and a very solid opening win by Western Kentucky over Kentucky.  (Explain to me again why they played that game in Nashville?)

Loser:  Big 12.  Hmm--KSU goes down to an FCS school as does Iowa State.  West Virginia looks anything but tough in beating William & Mary.  And, Kansas will soon face a Rice team that hung with Texas A&M for a half.

Winner:  Oklahoma State's defense.  We all knew about OSU's offense but holding Mississippi State to three points--c'mon!

Loser:  Will Muschamp, head coach at Florida, was upset at three media outlets for reporting that freshman Jaynard Bostwick was suspended.  Bostwick wasn't among the four suspended but it would alleviate these issues if Muschamp and his peers would announce who IS suspended and/or not playing.  The week one hi-jinks of guys like Muschamp, Les Miles of LSU and Gary Patterson of TCU was petty and silly.

And finally, let's give one final shout-out to Iowa, loser in weekend one to Northern Illinois.  How much longer can the folks in Iowa City keep paying big bucks to Kirk Ferentz, the most overrated coach in college football?

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