Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dude law for attending a game in the Phog

I'm seeing some concerning behavior in Allen Fieldhouse these days--concerning enough that I think it's time that we review "dude law" for all of you guys headed to a game in the ol' barn.

1.  Thou shall not wear a shirt/garment that is out of season.  In other words, wear a damn basketball t-shirt to a basketball game and save the football shirt for a game in Memorial Stadium.

2.  Thou shall not sell or give your tickets to a fan of the opposing team.  (I don't care if a visit to Allen Fieldhouse is on their bucket list--make them get tickets through their school's allotment.)

3.  The predominant school color is blue so...wear blue.  It's okay to occasionally wear crimson/red but never when that color is the primary color of your opponent, e.g., Iowa State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Nebraska, USC, Temple, etc.

4.  Arrive early, find your seat--don't be that guy who shows up during the alma mater/national anthem/pregame hype video(s.)

5.  It's okay to yell at the refs.  It's not okay to suggest that you saw the play better than the ref when your perch is 100 feet away.  (I'm looking at you, dude in section 10 who likes to flip the refs off when he disagrees with the call.)

6.  If you're over 30, you are not allowed to wear your team's jersey.  Just.  Don't.  (And, it's never, EVER okay to wear your team's basketball jersey without a t-shirt/shirt underneath unless you're one of the cut dudes out on the court.)

7.  If you're going to leave the game early, Kansas had better be up by 20 with two minutes or less to play.  (Or, your wife just called to say she's headed to the hospital to deliver your baby...)

8.  It's okay to eat concession food at your seat at an outdoor arena/stadium.  It's not okay to eat concession food at your seat in cramped Allen Fieldhouse.  If by chance you spill your drink, IMMEDIATELY notify the person sitting in front of you who's about to have a coat ruined.

9.  Sit your behind down squarely on your seat a good seat-mate.

10.  Always keep in mind that someone else would love to have your seat, no matter the game--never take for granted that you are in the building, the "cathedral of college basketball."

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