Monday, September 5, 2011

If it's good enough for Oregon...

Don't look now but other schools are emulating the multiple uniform combinations look of the University of Oregon. The Ducks' variety of uniforms has been building over the past 15 years in the school's long history with Nike and it culminated with Oregon's national championship game appearance versus Auburn. Ironically, Oregon played a school--Auburn--who has done little, if anything, to its traditional uniform look over the past few decades. Auburn, like Penn State, USC, Oklahoma and Nebraska, has eschewed the changed uni look in favor of taking a more traditional approach to outfitting its football team.

Now that Oregon has successfully pulled off the multi-uniform approach, other schools are following suit as are other uniform and equipment providers. This year, Oklahoma State--another Nike school--has adopted the multiple helmet, jersey and pants look as have Arizona State, Wyoming and Washington State. Not to be outdone, Maryland has copied the approach with Under Armour as has South Carolina. And, Adidas is doing the same for North Carolina State.

Rob Mullens, Oregon's athletics director, said this of the school's branding effort, "We used to be ridiculed for being out there, but now you look across college football and it's the trend."

(Source: Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal)

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