Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dimes and dunks

- Ron Franklin's departure at ESPN looks to have paved the way for Mark Kestecher to be the new play-by-play guy on Big 12 basketball broadcasts.

- Georgetown lost their third game in Big East play today, carving a large hole for the Hoyas in their quest for the title in the country's toughest hoops conference. Interestingly, as of yesterday, Georgetown was the #1 RPI team in the country.

- It sounds obvious, but it's true--Kansas City will win tomorrow only if they get the lead early on the Ravens. The Chiefs have not proven to be a come-from-behind team this year.

- Fran Fraschilla is an underrated college basketball analyst.

- Kudos to whoever invested in the digital billboards in Columbus, OH which congratulated TCU on their Rose Bowl victory. The billboards signed off "Sincerely, Little Sisters of the Poor." The reference, of course, is to the foot-in-mouth statement by Ohio State University president Gordon Gee who famously said that neither TCU nor Boise State deserved BCS championship consideration.

- John Higgins is to the current Big 12 basketball officials as Jim Bain was to Big 8 officials in the 1970s. (For those who don't remember Bain, this isn't a compliment to Higgins.)

- RPI rankings of interest (as of Friday, January 9): Kansas, #3; Duke, #6; Ohio State, #17; Texas, #22; Kansas State, #25; Texas A&M, #33; Missouri, #34; Oklahoma State, #43; Wichita State, #44; Missouri State, #46; and, Baylor #144.

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