Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fumbles and penalty flags

- Talk about questionable coaching: Today, Chicago coaches inserted third string QB Caleb Hanie into the game in the third quarter. That meant, by NFL rule, that the Bears could not bring Todd Collins or Jay Cutler back into the game. Then, the third-and-three call at the end of the game was just a flat-out bad decision coming out of a Bear timeout. It led to fourth-and-four and the resulting Hanie pick. The Chicago media will have a field day this week on the coaching decisions by Lovie Smith, Mike Martz and staff.

- How is Collins still on an NFL roster?

- At this point in the season, some commercials have aired too frequently on NFL broadcasts and are in the wear-out stage. The Sony TV spot with Peyton Manning and Jim Nantz is in that category for me as is the Mike Strahan-Donovan McNabb commercial for Dr. Pepper.

- The Packers' B.J. Raji almost pulled a Leon Lett today. Raji intercepted a Bears pass in the fourth quarter and ran it in for a score but not before holding the ball out with one hand several yards ahead of the goal line. Fortunately for Raji, he crossed the goal prior to fumbling the ball after being hit. The play was reminiscent of Lett's infamous gaffe in Super Bowl XXVII against Buffalo when he did the same, was hit, and fumbled the ball out of the endzone resulting in a touchback.

- New York Jet quarterback Mark Sanchez was caught on camera, during CBS' broadcast of the Jets-Steelers playoff game, picking his nose and wiping the findings off on a teammate. Ugh...gross!

- Finally, what was up with Rashard Mendenhall humping Ben Roethlisberger at the end of the Pittsburgh win over New York? The Steelers were taking a knee, Big Ben was down and Mendenhall did the dog-on-pillow action.

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