Friday, January 7, 2011

An introduction to Section 10

Welcome to The View from Section 10, my latest foray into the world of blogging.

Section 10 will be a blog devoted to the world of sports--specifically, what's going on with University of Kansas athletics, the Big 12 and college sports scene, the world of Kansas City sports, and occasional commentary on national sports topics within the worlds of the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, U.S. Soccer and other leagues and properties. Usually, the content will be concise, quick hits but, occasionally, a longer piece will make its way into Section 10.

Why Section 10? Well, that's my current section within Allen Fieldhouse, the loudest college basketball arena in the United States, according to ESPN The Magazine. And, it's a perfect descriptor for my view on the world of sports--I've not only been a spectator since those very young days when my father and mother started taking me to various college and professional events, but I've long been a fan, one who sweats out each game, who frets about what crimson-and-blue ensemble to wear, and who is happy to just be in the building with little worry to which row or seat I happen to occupy.

So, sit back, enjoy and participate. And, if you've a mind to, check out my first blogging effort which soon will celebrate its second anniversary--Musings, Notes & Quotes,

Stay tuned--more posts are on the way!

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