Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knight and Musberger

Last night we were treated to some incredibly ugly basketball between Baylor and Kansas State on ESPN's Big Monday telecast. The effort was there by both teams and, to Baylor's credit, they hung in when KSU should have put them away had the Wildcats made layups, as head coach Frank Martin pointed out in his halftime interview.

But, the intrigue of the evening was that we were treated (and I use that word loosely) to a less gentle Bob Knight, who called the game with partner Brent Musberger. Between the all too constant call for a ball or head fake, Knight offered up these gems:

- "Frank (Martin) should spend less time cheerleading and more time coaching his zone offense."

- "When I go back to the motel tonight, I'm going to give thanks for all of the smart players I had when I coached."

Knight was clearly exasperated by the level of play and the Wildcats' inability to deftly pick apart Baylor's zone, which had gaps on the baseline.

This duo still too frequently drifts off into conversation that makes viewers scratch their heads, but the Knight on air last night was more pointed in his comments--something that we, and ESPN I'm sure, have been waiting for.

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