Friday, January 21, 2011

The NFL Playoffs--what a final four

Imagine an NCAA Final Four with traditional powers Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina and UCLA. That's basically what we have this Sunday when Green Bay faces Chicago and Pittsburgh plays New York to see which two teams will represent the NFC and the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Not only do Chicago and Green Bay represent franchises from the original NFL, but check out the number of championships between the four:

Green Bay - 11 NFL championships from 1929-1967; two AFL-NFL championships, 1966 and 1967; and one Super Bowl in 1996. In addition, the Packers have won six NFL Western conference championships and two NFL championships, plus a total of 13 Division championships.

Chicago - Eight NFL championships from 1921-1963; one Super Bowl championship in 1985; four Conference championships; and 18 Division championships between the NFL Western, NFC Central and NFC North alignments.

Pittsburgh - Six Super Bowl championships; seven Conference championships; and 20 Division championships in the AFC Central and AFC North.

New York - The Jets won the Super Bowl in 1968--the first won by an AFL team--and have four Division championships in their 14 playoff appearances.

While I have to believe that the NFL and FOX would love a Jets-Bears game and broadcast, all four teams provide national followings and/or major markets, making the two games this Sunday even more special. I'm predicting that both home teams will win, thus giving us a Steelers-Bears Super Bowl on February 5.

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