Monday, January 10, 2011

Twitter and the fan experience

The consumer behavior of watching a sporting event on television with laptop on lap, in order to track stats and other breaking news, is not a new phenomenon. But, the involvement of Twitter as an in-game chat and information resource is something new which I've found to enrich the spectator experience, whether in front of the big screen at home or in my seat in Section 10.

By following the beat writers and national columnists who write about the teams, conference and sports of which I'm interested, my ability to gain inside information, instant expert opinions, and humorous musings has heightened the fan experience. There is also the ability to tweet/chat with other fans during the game, if one is inclined to engage in this sort of virtual sports bar activity.

The good news is that this resource can be regulated based upon one's interest and need. I find it a real-time way to more closely follow the action, and provides an oft unfiltered view of the action as scribed by those paid to observe and report.

For the early adopter readers of this blog, I know this is old news. For those who have been hesitant to check out "the Twitter," here's a good reason why you should give it a test drive tonight during the Auburn-Oregon national championship game. However, make sure you designate "follow" on those reporting on the game or else you'll be chatting with yourself.

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